Video Editor

Sound Recordist

Production Assistant

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My objective is to become a successful video editor in an environment that promotes creativity, originality, and productivity.  I have experience as a freelance editor and have contributed as a production assistant on several independent films.  I also have equipment to capture and edit both video and audio. 

Video Editing

This is a teaser for the first episode of Changing Lives in America, a television pilot I have been working on with producer and psychologist Dr. J Parker Griffin Jr.

I studied film and video at Georgia State University and chose to concentrate on non-linear editing, building on my experience as a linear editor in high school.  I must say, digital editing is much more enjoyable than using VHS machines.  

I have edited my own short films and college campus news segments as well as a pilot television show and promotional videos for a public speaker and an auto dealership.  My best experience was obtained at an internship with an Atlanta video production house.

I prefer to edit with Final Cut Pro X (I know, most people hate it), but Adobe Premiere is quickly growing on me.  I am getting better with After Effects as well and would like to further hone my skills with motion graphics.

Sound Recording & Videography

I have shot several videos for a college campus newscast and my own independent films - even served as a camera assistant - but I prefer capturing sound.  I've got quiet feet and long arms to get as close to the source as needed.  And I have the equipment to do it.

See some of my work here

Production Assistance

This has been the best way to learn about all aspects of video & film production; hands on, front and center.  Whether acting as a crafty, or just a grunt, helping out on a set has taught me the ins and outs of the biz. As a result,  I have had the opportunity to serve as boom operator, first assistant camera and still photographer for independent films around Atlanta.

Still Photography

I also have experience taking still photos on set.  I love to do this because I can move around freely and observe all aspects of the production.